Expertise, networks and professionalism for business development and growth under a STRATEGIC, COMMERCIAL and FINANCIAL profile.
Areas of expertise: Innovation and Start-ups, Circular Economy, Corporate Finance, Real Estate and ICT.

Project Management

project management from start to development

From the creation of the Business plan to the recruiting of resources.
In the different areas:

  • Industrial
    process and installation authorization and  project management until the start of operations and production.
  • Commercial
    planning, structuring and launching of new business unit for the sale of products or services.

Corporate finance

Budgets, financial planning, research and applications to grants

Extraordinary transactions

Sale or purchase of companies or company branches, fund raising (equity), bank financing (debt); establishment of joint ventures


Creation of CSR models and procedures and compliance with ESG parameters


PR55 provides qualified and motivated professionals for the management of a company or part of it, in order to ensure business continuity and enhance the existing management skills while overcoming crucial moments, whether negative (employment cuts, economic and financial reorganizations) or positive (economic growth, new business developments).